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How to Type Faster (Tips and Tricks to Master Keyboard)

How to Type Faster

How to Type Faster: Living around the digital edge where typing is nearly a day-to-day necessity, understanding the methods for proper keyboard usage is very important. Not just is it possible to become more productive and obtain things done faster by having a keyboard,  but how to Type Faster allows you to maintain your mind that little voice inside your mind which has great ideas might only continue for a couple of seconds before it’s forgotten.

In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips to get you started typing faster and properly. Some of the tips are quite obvious, but we’ll provide you with a few apps to help you practice and learn faster.

1. Get rid of bad habits

Eliminating your bad typing habits is most likely the toughest factor to complete. You’ve most likely been utilizing the same typing method because you began utilizing a keyboard, right lower where you set your palms. If you are an FPS (First Person Shooter) gamer you’re most likely accustomed to placing your left hand around the WASD keys and could have more powerful fingers in your left hand than your right (speaking from experience here).

Others may type just with two fingers, hovering over ten (or even more) keys each, always getting to have their eyes around the keyboard to obtain the right keys. Although you may be typing fast with simply 1 / 2 of the appropriate fingers, you need to put lower your feet (or perhaps your hands) and break that habit immediately.

How to Type Faster

2. Use all 10 fingers

The next step is to relearn the correct finger placement on the keyboard. If you take a closer look at your keyboard, you’ll notice raised bumps on each of the F key and J keys. How to Type Faster This is to help you find the correct finger placement without having to look at the keyboard.

Ideally, your index fingers should rest around the F and J keys but another finger will come under place naturally.

Within the picture below, you’ll notice color-coded areas showing the keys included in each finger. You’ll observe that the center fingers and ring fingers can be used for merely a couple of keys around the keyboard, while your index fingers are within the middle portion of the keyboard. Navigational, punctuation, and performance keys are controlled mostly through the ring finger.

If this confuses you, mind to websites such as the TypingClub or Typing Web where they guide you through each key to understand the laptop keyboard. A few of their exercises only involve 2 fingers and along the way through their program, you’ll gradually master the clear way of faster and proper keyboard typing.

3. Learn to touch-type

Next: Touch typing. It’s whenever you type without getting to check out the laptop keyboard. Actually, for seasoned typists, searching on the keyboard really slows them lower.

To obtain there takes practice, and we’re not speaking about hrs here. How to Type Faster It may be days before you decide to condition your fingers to seize control of the keys ‘they’ have the effect of. Even when it slows you lower, don’t revert to the way you are accustomed to typing.

Now, try typing sentences without searching on the keyboard, and then try to recall the position of every letter. If you need to sneak a look in the keyboard, you are able to, but provide the same word or sentence another run, this time around without searching in the keyboard. It requires some time however if you simply are determined, it will get simpler every single day.

Eventually, you will be aware of where each secret is and thereafter, it’s only a matter of obtaining when it comes to speed.

4. Navigate with basic keyboard shortcuts

It’s no shocker why Home windows and macOS have numerous keyboard shortcuts. Since your hands happen to be around the keyboard, why spend some time utilizing a mouse to navigate? It’s not necessary to keep in mind every shortcut, only the more prevalent ones.

Common shortcuts below are mostly used in word processing programs:

Shortcuts Descriptions
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + F Search for word
Ctrl + A Highlight everything
Shift + Left Arrow or Right Arrow Hightlight next letter
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow or Right Arrow Highlight next word
Ctrl + Left Arrow or Right Arrow Navigate text cursor to next word without highlight
Home Go to beginning of line
End Go to end of line
Page up Scroll up
Page Down Scroll down

You can also use shortcut keys while browsing the web. Here are some shortcuts you could use to navigate in web browsers.

Shortcuts Descriptions
Ctrl + Tab Switch to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to previous tab
Ctrl + T Open new tab
Ctrl + W Close current tab
Ctrl + Shift + T Open previously closed tab
Ctrl + R refresh current webpage
Ctrl + N Open new web browser window
Backspace Go back one page
Shift + Backspace Go forward one page

Finally, here are some common keyboard shortcuts for more general (Windows) navigation.

Shortcuts Descriptions
Alt + Tab Switch to next opened window
Alt + Shift + Tab Switch to previous opened window
Alt + F4 Close current window

Using these shortcut keys will require the little finger a lot as many of the modifier keys like Ctrl, Alt and Shift are closest to your little finger.