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6 Decorative Rectangle Mirror Design Ideas For Every Interior Style

Mirror Design Ideas: Modern homeowners have recently understood the immense value of mirrors increasing an area. It’s possible to not have a lot of. Many are to take ‘selfies’, others serve functional purposes, although some are purely for adornment. Mirrors can blend into the background or function as a room’s statement piece. You are able to mount these to a wall and have them stand on the ground. Clearly, there are many ways to test out mirror decor for your house interiors. It’s about choosing the best size, shape, frame, and finished. So, why don’t you set a good example by having a rectangle mirror design that may effortlessly help your space? Here are a few brilliant rectangle Mirror Design Ideas.

Expand Compact Spaces With Wall-To-Wall Designer Rectangular Mirrors

Mirrors create reflection. It may develop a feeling of vastness using it. So, a very good way to make use of mirrors is to create a room that appears double in dimensions. For example, within this narrow studio apartment, we’ve covered a whole wall with rectangle mirrors because of the shutters from the wardrobe. We’ve maximized the area using a Murphy bed that doubles like a sofa keep.

A Statement Backlit Mirror With A Washbasin In The Living Room

Mirror Design Ideas

If there’s one space in your home that appears incomplete with no mirror may be the area over the washbasin. It is just natural to check out yourself while washing hands. Mirror Design Ideas You do not even understand you do it before you notice it. That is why we’ve produced this stunning nook within the family room to have an on-the-go touch-up. We’ve positioned an elegant washbasin having a full-length designer rectangular mirror next to the family room. The backlit mirror perfectly complements the accent wall behind it.

Transform A Simple Rectangle Mirror Design Into A Work Of Art

Are you able to guess this mirror below used to be a financial budget store-made purchase? We’ve DIY-erectile dysfunction it and leveled up by pasting only a couple of sticks in the garden, passing on https://lifetrustfoundation.org/ a captivating earthy feel. We glammed in the washbasin area with this particular DIY rectangle mirror in conjunction with hexagonal tiles on your wall behind it and designer pendant lights. Who requires a gallery wall when you’ll have a statement mirror such as this.

A Stylish Bathroom Deserves A Stunning Mirror

The white-colored presented rectangle bathroom wall mirror with Brought backlights is really a stunning accessory for this light teal bathroom. To keep the bathroom’s color plan, we’ve placed a floating white-colored vanity having a quartz movement countertop. Mirror Design Ideas The entire bathroom includes a calming, airy vibe because the mirror effectively reflects natural light near the glass window.

A Rectangular Bevelled Bathroom Mirror With Built-In Light

Mirrors with built-in lighting are highly in trend now! That along with an evergreen beveled look takes the mirror one stage further. It’s a classic statement piece. We produced contrast using the wooden panels to showcase the pendant light. Mosaic tiles around the shower stall and wooden vanity appear to enjoy it has emerged from the Sunday paper.

Add Height With Rectangular Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Create a feeling of height inside a low ceiling room by hanging Slot a tall mirror. The tall rectangle mirror easily breaks the monotony as the bathroom is included from floor to ceiling in brown marble.

We hope you liked these rectangle mirror design ideas. Apart from the bathroom and living room, you can add a statement rectangle mirror in the entryway, over the mantle, create a customized mirrored headboard, and much more. The options for rectangle mirror design are unlimited. Need help in designing or revamping your home? Talk to our designers today!

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