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Point Figure Chart


Resistance levels are prices at which large numbers of sellers are expected to enter the market. You can identify them on Point and Figure charts by 2 or more columns of X’s ending with equal tops. Point and figure (P&F) charts are unique because they have been used for 100+ years and are some of the most battle-tested charting options. P&F charts will benefit all traders who want to minimize the risk of entering a position on a false breakout.


Then the price moves at least three box sizes in the other direction. When a reversal happens, a lot of Xs or Os will appear at the same time. This is a level where traders and investors alike believe prices will begin moving higher after hitting the support mark.

When evaluating online brokers, always consult the broker’s website. Commodity.com makes no warranty that its content will be accurate, https://forexaggregator.com/ly, useful, or reliable. You can apply almost any analysis technique to a Point & Figure chart, although you should not use analysis techniques that base their calculation methods on time. Trend lines on Point and Figure charts are plotted at an angle of 45 degrees (one square across and one up/down). When penetrated, resistance levels often become future support levels.

The new column moves in the opposite direction and is represented by the opposite character. If a column of O’s reverses, a new X column is started, and vice versa. The size of the change in prices before plotting an “X” or “O” is plotted.

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This value is https://trading-market.org/ by multiplying the box size by another user defined value, the Reversal Amount. The reversal amount is the number of bricks price must move in order for a new letter to be drawn or a new column to be created. Therefore if the box size is set to 1 ($1) and the reversal amount is set to 3, then price must move $3 in order for a new letter to be added to the chart.

How to Read Candlesticks: Charts, Patterns & Pro Tips

As the trading industry advanced, they replaced this with the Point and Figure chart. There are those who focus on fundamental analysis and others who focus on technical analysis. On technical, there are those who focus on just a single indicator like the Relative Strength Index and those who focus on a combination of the indicators.

  • Although some traders heavily depend more on the point and figure charts, others use these charts to confirm signals given by traditional charts.
  • It is for this reason that the three-box reversal became popular; it eliminated the tedious necessity of looking at every trade.
  • A breakout, for example, must move the box amount in order to signal a breakout occurred.
  • I can zoom the chart in on those, I guess, and then it would look something like yours.

The number of boxes is called the reversal amount and a new column is only started when price has retraced by that amount. The sensitivity of the chart can be varied by altering the box size. The box size is the minimum price movement recorded and serves to eliminate minor price fluctuations. Larger box sizes are used for charting longer time periods.

“Getting Started” Series

That’s because most of them are based on time, an aspect that the point and figure chart attempts to avoid. Today, this kind of charts have been computerized and one can find them in a number of charting software. To install it in the Metatrader, you need to download it from the marketplace and install it. You can also find a limited version of it in Trading View. Later on, traders started replacing the figures with specific points.

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There is not one person who can claim to be the discoverer of the indicator. Millions of traders participate in the industry every day, and each of these traders use different strategies to make money. It is possible to effectively trade forex today without using a chart. A step by step guide to help beginner and profitable traders have a full overview of all the important skills (and what to learn next 😉) to reach profitable trading ASAP. The same applies to a column of Os in a decreasing market. The column continues until the commodity gets to the reversal price.

The Difference Between Point-and-Figure (P&F) and Renko Charts

For example, Point and Figure charts are great for visualizing trend lines, support and resistance levels and breakouts. Point & Figure charts consist of columns of X’s and O’s that represent filtered price movements. X-Columns represent rising prices and O-Columns represent falling prices.


P&F charts are great at keeping investors in strong trends, as a lot of small counter-trend movements get filtered. Yet when a reversal happens, it can erase profits significantly or lead to huge losses. Typically, the reversal amount is three times the box size.

If Os are stacked, that means that Bitcoin is in a bearish trend. The Xs indicate price rises, and the Os indicate price drops. Compared to traditional charts such as candlestick charts, point and figure charts stack the Xs and Os and each one marks a certain price percentage move.

As I began to define and refine my own trading systems, I slowly drifted away from P&F for more sexy analysis techniques such as Elliott Wave and candlestick patterns. If you rather get everything done for you, then you can simply have our advisors provide you the professional analysis conveniently through the web app or by email. P&F Pattern Alerts can be found at end of the Predefined Scans Page. StockCharts.com provides daily alerts for more than 15 P&F patterns on various exchanges. Also, while P&F charts may help reduce the number of false breakouts, false breakouts still occur.

The chart is composed of multiple boxes, with each box equal to a certain price level. The box is filled with an X if price increases to that level. The box is filled with an O if price decreases to that level. See how I use Point & Figure charts to confirm price targets that I’ve calculated using other methods of technical analysis. A trend will not change from a column of X’s to a column of O’s unless the stock’s share price drops by 3 “boxes”.

Using high and low prices will mean the creation of more X’s and O’s, while using only closing prices will mean fewer X’s and O’s are created. An X is created when the price moves higher by a set amount, called the box size. An O is created when the price drops the box size amount.

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When zeroing in on a trend reversal and an uptrend to begin, look for a horizontal row of O’s. Every point and figure chart has a predetermined, specified reversal amount. This dictates how much a security’s price needs to move in the opposite direction to warrant charting a new column in that direction. When the reversal amount is reached, a new column begins next to the previous one.

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The box size is set based on the asset’s price and the investor’s preference. There are many specific chart patterns for 3-box Reversal charts. Support is the price level at which demand is thought to be strong enough to prevent the price from declining further.

As you can see from the chart, HWAY actually exceeded the P&F count slightly, only to later rollover. The P&F target from the $13.05 low was met ($15.93), so the next target would be the count coming out of the trading range. With this additional level of clarity, let’s go back and look at the previous chart example to illustrate the count. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies either. Now, let’s apply a vertical count to the same 3-point chart instead of horizontal. The simple answer to this question is that I seek to understand how far a stock can run for the basis of calculating my risk versus reward for every trade I take on.

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